Lisa Vazquez

Brandy Dobbins is an insightful, empathetic and caring counselor and human being. I came to her with a problem that I've dealt with for many years that had to do with my mother and I. I always wanted to have a closer healthier relationship than what we had, but I didn't know how to achieve that. Brandy listened to me patiently and gave me more than advice, she changed my perspective on the matter which changed my attitude toward my mother. I trust Brandy because she has a relationship with Jesus and it is revealed in her counsel. It is practical and Godly wisdom.


Stephen & Jailene Collins
family of 4

Listen, Prior to sitting down with Brandy, my wife and I failed to communicate as a married couple in every facet of communication. We never saw eye to eye, and fought worse than cats and dogs. Thanks to Brandy, we’re now able to communicate about any and everything we need to talk about, and it be done with love and respect for both of us. We’re now able to see what one another’s perspective is and understand where each other are coming from. Brandy is well seasoned in The Lord, and educated, versed, and her understanding of scripture and how The Word applies to marriage is second to none!